About Us

How it began!

The Adopt-A-Highway Program started in Nova Scotia in 1992 when the Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia, Lions Clubs of Nova Scotia, and Clean Nova Scotia met with the Department of Transportation and Public Works to answer the following question, “How do we combat litter along Nova Scotia’s highways?” In 1992 the AAH Program was initiated as a pilot project that included only 18 cleanup groups. By 1997, with the help of the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program was officially launched. Nova Scotians took to the program and it quickly grew to approximately 100 groups by 1999 and 150 groups by 2001.

What Do We Do?

Litter, that’s it!

At the Adopt-A-Highway Program we facilitate litter clean-ups! That’s it! It may seem simple, but do not let us trick you. There is a lot of work that goes into being able to facilitate clean-ups across the province of Nova Scotia. We strive to make each clean-up as easy as possible for every volunteer. With each clean-up that we help organize we get one-step closer to our mission of enabling citizens, community organizations, private businesses, and industry to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful Nova Scotia by fostering a culture of zero litter.

Why Combat Litter?

Litter Begets Litter!

Litter is an eyesore, poses health risks, affects water quality, and is often mistaken as food by wildlife. Studies show that litter begets litter, meaning people tend to litter in areas where there is already garbage on the ground. After a cleanup our province benefits in many different ways; instantly the appearance of the province improves, the environment is aided, tourism is strengthened, and wildlife’s attraction to roadways is reduced. This is why we do what we do! Our vision is a litter free future that enhances Nova Scotia’s quality of life, environment, tourism, and wildlife; and we will not stop.

Whats Next?

We’re Expanding!

IN 2019, we took over the delivery of this program (Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Program). The new partnership with Clean means we will be able to broaden our reach and remove even more litter from the province than ever before. We are looking forward to this new endeavor and are excited to support community-based clean-ups in addition to our roadside litter clean-ups

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