Green Action

Change is in your hands (and sometimes your wallets)

Clean provides the knowledge and opportunities needed to encourage individual actions that add up to positive environmental change. Our environmental successes have been built on the collaborative efforts of participants, volunteers and employees from our home, school and business communities.

Our volunteers inspire positive change, and Clean Foundation greatly appreciates the invaluable support and expertise of everyone involved.

Interested in making a positive impact through environmental stewardship? Check out the many opportunities available through Clean.

At Clean Foundation

One of the easiest ways to support Clean Foundation’s ongoing work is by donating or volunteering with the organization.  Click on the buttons below for more information.

Donate or Volunteer

At Home

Environmental stewardship starts at home. Clean Foundation has developed several programs that can help you take action in your home through changes both big and small. Our homeowner programs focus on energy efficiency, rainwater management, and watershed health.

  • HomeWarming
  • Clean Energy Financing program
  • Home Energy Assessment program
  • Stream Restoration
In Your Community

Make a positive impact in your community by taking advantage of the many opportunities provided by Clean Foundation. Available programs focus on energy efficiency, sustainable and active transportation, waste management, and rainwater management.

  • Clean Leadership
  • DriveLess
  • DriveWiser
  • Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up
  • Ship to Shore
  • Stream Restoration
At Work

Become an environmental steward at work by teaming up with Clean Foundation. Clean offers several programs to engage your workplace in environmentally friendly practices, targeting active and sustainable transportation, waste management, and energy efficiency.

  • Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up

  • Sustainable Commuting

At School

The decisions and actions of youth will determine our future, so it is important for environmental education to start at an early age. Clean offers several engaging workshops and programs that can be incorporated into the classroom. We also provide support for organizing fun and informative events at school. Check out the youth engagement options offered by Clean and start inspiring environmental stewardship in your school today.

  • Clean Leadership
  • Clean the Air
  • Eddie’s Road Tours
  • Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up


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