A Notice to Our Supporters Regarding COVID-19

A Notice to Our Supporters Regarding COVID-19

Great NS Pick-Me-Up

The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up is Nova Scotia’s largest volunteer-driven community clean-up program, promoting litter clean-ups across the province. Since the start of the program in 1992, the Clean Foundation has provided supplies and support to participants (individuals, groups, businesses, schools) to carry out community-based litter clean-ups.

In 2019 the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program took over the delivery of Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Program from Clean. The new partnership with the Clean Foundation means that the Adopt-A-Highway will be able to broaden their reach and remove even more litter from the province than ever before. The Adopt-A-Highway is looking forward to this new endeavor and are excited to support community-based litter clean-ups in addition to their roadside clean-ups.

The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up is proudly sponsored by GLAD® who also provides all of the quality garbage bags making this program successful. Also supporting this program is Divert NS and Nova Scotia Environment. Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

Litter is an eyesore, poses health risks, affects water quality, and is often mistaken as food by wildlife. And studies show that litter begets litter, meaning people tend to litter in areas where there is already garbage on the ground.

Join thousands of other Nova Scotians in making our province beautiful and healthy.

The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up’s Impact in 2017

In 2017, over 9,600 people participated in more than 207 clean-ups. The teams picked up over 11,400 bags of garbage and almost 1,300 bags of recyclables.

The most common litter items in 2017 were coffee cups and cigarette butts, with more than 50% of the teams reporting them as their most common litter item. To cut down on these items from entering the environment consider switching to a reusable coffee mug and keeping a garbage bag in your car. Before buying something, consider whether or not it is easily recyclable and if there are options with less packaging. All of these small changes help reduce what ends up as litter in our communities.

The list at right shows unusual items that were found by groups in the 2017 Pick-Me-Up season. Before disposing of any item, check to see if there are reuse options in your community. If none are available, determine what the proper disposal methods are in your waste region. Across Nova Scotia there are programs in place to ensure items such as needles, computers, and mattresses do not end up as discarded waste in our communities.

Most Common Items
Coffee Cups
Cigarette Butts
Plastic Bags
Food Wrappers
Fast Food Containers
Most Unusual  Items
Counterfeit Money
Cross Country Ski
Plastic Carnival Ride Horse
Climbing Wall


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