Litter Bingo

Are you excited about bettering the environment? Well, we have some fun for you! We have developed a collection of fun activities that will entertain for hours. Our activity program includes colouring sheets, a recycling maze, word search, and litter bingo.

Are you a teacher or an educator? Let us know; we will be happy to send you printed copies of the activities for your students to enjoy. Just Contact Us and let us know how many copies you would like of each sheet and where to mail them; we will do the rest!

Litter Bingo
Litter Bingo

Litter Bingo is a great way to make litter picking even more fun. Print off a bingo card and choose a winning combination, perhaps a line, all four corners, or even a full card. Next, grab a pen or a bingo dabber, and your litter picking supplied and get to work. The first person to find the winning combination of items wins the game.
Our Litter Bingo cards also feature two different unique versions on one-page, saving paper and ink. You can also print the card in either full colour or black and white.


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