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Join the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up

Register today and join thousands of Nova Scotians in the province’s largest volunteer-driven community litter clean-up program. Since the program started in 1988, the program has provided supplies and support at no-cost to its participants. When you complete a cleanup the province benefits in many ways; instantly the appearance of our communities improves, the environment is aided, and tourism is strengthened. Register today, you will not regret it!


By creating a team you can help organize friends and family, neighbours and colleagues. Gather together as many people as you can and see just how Clean you help make Nova Scotia!

Contact Information

It’s important that interested people be able to contact your Team and lend a hand on your Rally Day. Please make sure you provide accurate contact information and let us know what you would like us to share with the public!

Location, Location, Location!

Let us know where your clean-up event will take place. If you event is public we will provide posters upon registration that you can fill in to advertise your event. 

When does the fun start?

Choosing a date and time for your clean-up event is very important. Talk to your participants and see the date and times that they prefer. Also, clean-ups must take place during daylight hours, schedule accordingly.

Share the fun!

Let us know of any social media activity so that we can share the fun with others! Also, we can share your social media activity showing others the important work that our volunteers do. Its a win-win.

Registration Opening Soon

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